Website Design 101

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Website Design 101

Website design can be relatively easy to do.  There are lots of tools readily available for you to create a website for your business with little technical knowledge at all.  We are living in the internet age and as such, every business needs to have a presence online.  The only caveat being, that your presence online, particularly your website, needs to be an accurate representation of your business.  The following are four simple questions that must be answered on your website.

What do you do?  Simple as it sounds, there are numerous websites throughout the vast expanse of the world wide web that miss this key aspect.  Your website needs to convey what you do not for the sake of getting found on search engines, but it needs to make sense to your potential clients as well.  Too many times, we focus on optimizing a website that we forget that Google doesn’t buy our products or your services, our customers do.  Make sure your customers can easily understand and grasp what it is you can do for them.

Who do you do it for?  Very, very few business can provide services or products for every single person.  So try to make a delineation as to who your customers are and who you want your customers to be.  Doing this well will not only help the visitors to your site, but will also increase the amount of people who purchase your product or service.  Websites that don’t do this, risk the chance that a visitor to their website will think that the products or services are not for them and go to a competitors website that does tell them what they have to offer is for them.

How do you do it?  These are typically those tedious example web pages and/or testimonials.  Many business websites fail to recognize the impact of not only telling what they do, but also highlighting how well they do it.  Additionally, with the increase of Social Media use, this is becoming more and more easy to accomplish.  If your customers are socially engaged, and you are as well, this creates a much easier and natural way to find out what your customers think of your products or service and gives your businesses a great tool to highlight these praises on your website.

How can I, or my business, get you to do it for me?  The final biggie.  A phone number or email address on a website is not enough.  Remember forms online do not have the stigma attached to them like the forms you have to complete for your favorite bureaucracy .  Forms on a website are not only a powerful tool not only for you, there are an extremely easy and acceptable way for your possible customers to contact you for the service or product that they might be interested in.  Don’t be scared of forms on your business website, celebrate them (within reason).  Customize your website forms so that your customers can ask questions, learn more, or make an easy purchase.

If your website has these 4 questions answered well, you can then focus on how you are going to drive traffic to your site.  Trying to get traffic to your site, without having these questions answered well on your website is like trying to check out customers at a store with out a cash register.

What are you thought, ideas, or suggestions on what other essentials are necessary in Website Design?

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