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Web Design

Web Design, when done properly, is the cornerstone of many a successful Online Marketing Strategy, if not all successful Online Marketing Strategies.  Unfortunately, many companies and individuals designing websites for businesses today rarely consider the impact of the web design on the marketing strategy of the business they are hired to serve.  Insuring a properly Integrated Web Design is where we start with any Integrated Marketing Strategy.  Most Web Design companies are as the name says, are design focused.  While that is not necessarily a bad thing, it certainly makes for attractive websites, not having a website that is properly designed to optimize your Integrated Marketing Strategy, just means that you’ll have a pretty website that few will ever visit.


Questions to Answer for Optimal Integrated Marketing  Strategy Web Design

At Empirical Integrated Marketing, Strategy is the foundations on which we base of all of our Web Design services.  Typical questions we seek to answer when designing a website for our clients include:

What is the ultimate goal of your website?

Who is your target audience and how well does your current Web Design resonate with them?  

Does your current website provide ease of navigation so your customers can find exactly what they are looking for?

How competitive is your current Web Design compared to the rest of your competitors in the marketplace?  

Does your current Web Design provide an accurate representation or your brand and allow for effective communication of your brand’s promise?  

How well is your current Web Design optimized to leverage your Internet Marketing Strategy?

Does your current Web Design provide for ease of integration with your Social Media Strategy?

Does your current Web Design allow for your customers to “share” their thoughts and ideas with your business and with the rest of the online community?

Most importantly, is your Web Design successfully delivering positive results as part of your Internet Marketing Strategy?


Results from Web Design based on Integrated Marketing Strategy

Increased sales, increased market share, increased customer attraction, increased customer retention, better customer service, successful branding, and positive brand recognition are just some of the many positive aspects of how proper Web Design impacts successful Integrated Marketing Strategy.


More Information

For examples of some of our Web Design and its impact on Integrated Marketing Strategy, please visit our examples page.  For examples of the benefit of Integrated Web Design, please visit our testimonials page.  If you would like more information about Empirical Integrated Marketing and how we can positively impact your Integrated Marketing Strategy and/or provide effectual Web Design, please contact us.