Social Media – it’s not who You know, but who knows YOU

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Social Media – it’s not who You know, but who knows YOU

You’ve heard the old saying “It’s all about Who You Know!”  Well, I’ve never really agreed with that.  I learned from an early age that it has nothing to do with “who You know,” rather it is entirely about “who Knows you!”  We see examples of this all the time.  Kids picked to play on little johnny’s team cause little johnny liked them.  Who gets to go backstage because the guy working security knows them.  Jobs given to a friend of someone already working for the company.

It is what it is.  Even More so in Social Media.

I’m not saying any of this is wrong or right, just saying that it is much more likely to benefit from someone knowing you, than you knowing someone.  And in Social Media, it is even more the case.  Your business may have hundreds of followers, fans, tweeps, etc.. but that doesn’t mean they know you, nor does it mean that you’ll have any benefit from those hundreds.  It comes down to how many of those followers know you, or rather, know your business.

How do you Engage?

When you engage in Social Media are talking intelligently about your industry or are you shouting what’s on sale today?  Do you post about the solutions your company is providing or just telling everyone you got another client?  When you blog about a topic, are you trying to engage your audience and promote a conversation or realization or are you just trying to fit in the keywords hoping it will propel your website to Google’s page one?

Doing it Correctly

Remember, that engaging in Social Media is about actually engaging.  Doing that well takes a little bit of time and energy, but the benefits are great for you and your company.  You realize that when someone does take the time and energy to not just promote what it you have to sell, but discuss what it truly is that you do.  This discussion will help make sure that your followers, fans, tweeps, etc.. not only continue to engage with your company, it also increases the likelihood that they will know who you are.  To realize your potential in the Social Media landscape, and in life, remember it’s not about who you know, it’s about who knows you!

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