Social Media vs. Search

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Social Media vs. Search

I tend to talk alot with customers and prospects about “What is Integrated Marketing?” and it usually ends up with a discussion about Social Media and Search.  Many business owners have preconceived values about the merits of each or rather, the limitations of each.  Usually, they talk about how they can’t see the benefit of Social Media and how it can help their business.

I recently wrote a post about “is social media right for your business?” and it took me almost a thousand words to do so and in my opinion, barely scratched the surface.  As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words.  In this day and age, an well crafted infograph probably covers more than a thousand.

A recent infographic from MDG Advertising that looks at the pros and cons of social media and search marketing, really does a good job of showing the benefits of Social Media vs Search for business.  In the end, it provides good reasoning for not only the benefits of an integrated marketing strategy, but also helps to generate a picture of what good integrated marketing can do.



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