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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing Services.

At Empirical Integrated Marketing, we design, implement, and manage Social Media Marketing Services as part of every solution we provide to our Customers.  The fastest growing aspect of the Internet today both in the amount of people who engage, and in the amount of innovation, is in the online realm of Social Media.Marketing Services that we provide are specifically designed to put your company in a position to tap into the conversation naturally happening among your customers, vendors, peers, and prospects.


Customized Social Media Marketing Services

Our services are designed to find where people are having conversations about you, your industry, and your products or services.  Additionally we pinpoint the best areas for your company to get involved both from a level of influence as well as the level of interaction.  Social Media by its nature is never one size fits all and as such, any good Social Media Marketing Services Campaign must be customized and optimized to ensure increased brand awareness as well as drive traffic to your website and ultimately through your doors.


Empirical Integrated Marketing Social Media Marketing Services include:


  • Market Analysis: The first step of any marketing strategy is the analysis and with Social Media it is no different.  Empirical Integrated Marketing will perform an in-depth analysis of your business’ presence across the various social networks as well as an analysis of your industry within the Social Media landscape.  This analysis will be the basis for crafting a custom marketing strategy for you company.
  • Social Media Marketing Strategy: Empirical Integrated Marketing will utilize the information gathered from the market analysis to craft a Social Media Marketing Strategy with an empirical foundation.  This analysis and foundation provide the best means for crafting a viable marketing strategy that can be quantified to ensure and measure success.
  • Social Media Marketing Plan: Next we customize a plan for optimizing your business’ Social Media Marketing success.  All of our plans are designed and implemented with measurable results so we can properly assess our success as well as your company’s success.  Additionally, the plan will be designed to allow for integration of future innovations and to provide for “as you go” changes to be made to ensure Social Media Marketing Service Success.
  • Social Media Marketing Design: Next, we work with you to create social media profiles in those Social Media Networks that have been identified by the marketing analysis and targeted by the Marketing Strategy and plan.  These social media profiles must match the integrity of your brand, work across different mediums, and provide the ability to allow for future improvements.  Additionally the profiles and networks need to be designed to both attract visitors as well as leverage the two-way conversation.
  • Marketing Implementation: Once designed, these profiles will be implemented among the various Social Media networks.  Again, this implementation will be based on the plan and will adaptable to make any necessary changes as a result of the ever-changing Social Media landscape.
  • Social Media Management: After implementation, we will manage the social media communications on your behalf, or work with you to ensure social media communications fulfill the Marketing Strategy and meet the goals of the Social Media Marketing Plan.

Free Social Media Marketing Services Analysis

Contact us for a free preliminary Social Media Marketing Analysis or for more information on how Empirical Integrated Marketing can help you business with our Social Media Marketing Services.