Social Media is Quality over Quantity

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Social Media is Quality over Quantity

Social Media Marketing is about Quality over Quantity!

Many businesses utilize the services of outside agencies to handle their social media and online marketing.  This is becoming more and more of a necessity in today’s marketplace.  Social Media is an ever-expanding medium for communicating and interacting with customers, vendors, and peers and it makes sense to hire a professional to help your business.


What to look for in a Social Media Marketing Professional.

The concern then becomes, “What should a business look for when hiring a Social Media Marketing professional?”  I have heard many social media professionals say that Social Media Marketing is primarily a numbers game.  You try to get as many followers and you can in the hopes that a percentage of them can possibly become your customer.  And I agree that it is important to have individuals to engage with in a successful Social Media Marketing campaign but I’m a firm believer in quality over quantity.


Ensure the right Social Media Engagement.

Ensuring that your business is engaging with the right individuals is much more important, and will provide a higher return, then playing the numbers game.  There are tools and techniques that qualified professionals should use to make this the case.  Additionally, performing an accurate and detailed analysis of the marketplace will help to ensure that your business is engaging with those it needs to.


It’s all about the Quality!

So for any business looking to hire the Social Media Marketing professional the best advice I can give is to find out if they are planning to or have experience with, discovering who their business needs to associate with in their Social Media Marketing campaign and what social networks would work best for their business and their marketing initiatives.  This will help your business ensure that its’ Social Media Marketing campaign focuses more on Quality over Quantity.

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