Integrated Marketing Services

Integrated Marketing Services

Integrated Marketing Services

Integrated Marketing Services include the following areas that need to be properly designed, managed and maintained in order for any business to have success in the online marketplace.  We provide all of these services and are customized for each individual client we work with.  As always, all of our Integrated Marketing Services and Solutions are empirically based, so you can be confident that you will be earning a return on you investment. 


Market Analysis:

The first step of any marketing strategy is the analysis.  Empirical Integrated Marketing will perform an in-depth analysis of your website design, current SEO and Search Engine Marketing opportunities for your company, Social Media compatibility, integrated capabilities of current marketing strategies both online and off, as well as an analysis of your industry within the Online landscape.    This analysis will be the basis for crafting a custom marketing strategy for you company.  We provide all of our customers, and potential customers, a free initial market analysis for free with no obligations.


Website Design: 

After the analysis is completed, the first opportunity to improve you market presence online is also the anchor of your online presence, your website.  This is the main area where your Integrated Marketing Services will be focused.  We will design a website that will allow you to communicate with your customers, inform of new services or products, highlight customer experiences with your company, show examples of your products or services, and ultimately generate new customers for your business.  You can visit our Examples page to see some of our websites.


SEO / SEM Strategy: 

Part of the web design includes the implementation of the SEO or Search Engine Marketing Strategy.  In addition to creating a user-friendly website (customers, vendors, peers),  your website needs to be Search Engine Friendly.  Additionally, we work with you to determine what is the best opportunity for success for you business.  SEO is more cost-effective but takes considerable time, whereas Search Engine Marketing can start showing results quickly, but has a higher cost.  We will work with you to determine which is the best strategy for your business’ success.  Ultimately, we will design your website and strategy to optimize those keywords your customers are searching with so that your customers find you!  Visit our SEO Strategy page or our Search Engine Marketing page to learn more.


Social Media Marketing Services:

Empirical Integrated Marketing will utilize the information gathered from the market analysis to craft a Social Media Marketing Strategy with an empirical foundation.  Your Social Media Marketing Strategy needs to be one that is both transparent and engaging.   Remember the all Social Media is a conversation and as such, your strategy must embody this and not just tell your customers what you have or do, but talk with your customer about what you have or do.  All of our Strategies are designed and implemented with measurable results so we can properly assess our success as well as your company’s success.  Additionally, the plan will be designed to allow for integration of future innovations and to provide for “as you go” changes to be made to ensure Integrated Marketing Services Success.  Visit our Social Media Marketing page for more information.


Integrated Marketing Services Management:

Once designed, all of these different strategies need to be continually managed and maintained.  Not only with content creation for the website and Social Media, but also with growing your total online presence.  As part of our Integrated Marketing Services, we manage the content on your website and social media.  Additionally, we will grow your presence by increasing the traffic and number of links to your website.  Also, we will help grow your social media presence among those individuals that will benefit your company’s online presence (current customers, future customers, industry experts, professional peers, and all associated networks.)
Remember, there are lots of companies out there that can help you create a website, or create a social media profile for you.  And that does take a lot to do.  But the best way to ensure a positive return on your online investment, is to employ a fully Integrated Marketing Services Solution.  Please visit our site to learn more about the Integrated Marketing Solutions we provide to our clients and don’t forget to visit our blog, examples page, testimonials, and our in the news pages to learn more about us.


For a Free Integrated Marketing Services Analysis

Contact us for a free preliminary Integrated Marketing Analysis, or for more information on how Empirical Integrated Marketing can help you business.