SEO Strategy

SEO Strategy

SEO Strategy.

What is a traditional SEO Strategy?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.  So what does that mean?  Traditionally, an SEO Strategy  is where things are done to a website, and throughout the Internet, to have that website come up near the top of the search results for a particular keyword, or set of keywords, that are searched in various search engines.   Simple in theory, and not necessarily difficult to do, but very time-consuming to say the least.  First, there is the content that needs to generated on the website to match those keywords that are searched for in the search engine, and said website needs to also be consistently updated so the search engines recognize the website as active.  Secondly, there is the popularity of the website that must exist for the search engines to have that website come up near the top of the search results.  That popularity is generated by links to the website from other websites.  All of these things combined tell the search engines that this website is what is says it is based on what it says and what its web peers say it is.  The SEO Strategy aspect is what keywords to focus on or not, how the content must be formatted and how to get those oh so valuable links from those particular websites that help with your websites popularity.


What is the goal of an SEO Strategy?

Ultimately the goal of an SEO Strategy is to drive traffic to your website from the Search Engines.   The closer to the top of the search results you website is for the keywords your website is optimized for, the more clicks you will get to your website.  Traditionally, there were two ways to be listed at the top of the page for search results.  First, by paying to be there by using Search Engine Marketing and second, by implementing a good SEO Strategy.  Again, simple.


What’s Changed

Search Engines are only as good as their results.  They know that many people now know about SEO Strategy and are using it to get their website to the top of the search results even though their website isn’t necessarily what the people are searching for.  To combat this, Search Engine companies (Google, Bing, Yahoo) are including more evaluation factors to make sure their search results match what their customers are ideally searching for.  Many of the top search results not only include those that are paying (Search Engine Marketing) and those that have a good traditional SEO Strategy, but now also includes those that have a good Integrated Marketing SEO Strategy!


Integrated Marketing SEO Strategy

Search Engines, in order to provide better search results, are increasingly including different sources of relevancy to the top of their search results.  Some of these include localized results for several keywords, blog posts, press releases, news articles, and social media posts.  At Empirical Integrated Marketing we understand not only how, and just as importantly when, to implement an effective traditional SEO Strategy and/or Search Engine Marketing Strategy, but also how to implement an effective Integrated Marketing SEO Strategy.   For many businesses, an Integrated Marketing SEO Strategy is not only a more cost-effective approach to generating website traffic, but also provides for higher website conversions and a much higher ROI.


For more information on whether a traditional SEO Strategy, a Search Engine Marketing Strategy, an Integrated Marketing Strategy, or all of the above would be most beneficial for your business, please contact us.