How will the New Facebook Affect your Business?

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How will the New Facebook Affect your Business?

Is it f, 8 or Fate

For those who don’t know, last week was Facebook’s f8 developers conference.  I don’t know if f8 is pronounced “eff-eight” or “fate,” but with all the internet chatter about the announced changes coming to Facebook and their implications, I tend to think regardless of how it is supposed to be pronounced, it should be “fate.”  With a smattering of functional changes and upgraded features, consumers and business are left again wondering why Facebook can’t just leave well enough alone, and how positively, or negatively these changes are going to impact business fate on Facebook.

While the modifications to its interface have always caused some level of discomfort among users, Facebook has historically shown that it mostly know’s what it is doing. Its numbers of users including, businesses and special offerings, has always shown to increase after changers were announced.  Of course, Facebook itself has continually grown and one could assume that the growth in numbers is reflective more of the greater acceptance of viability of social media itself, more than a reflection of changes that Facebook have made .


So, if you’re wondering exactly how the latest revamp affects your business, here’s a short list of changes you need to be aware of:


Frictionless Sharing:

Facebook’s new social/activity plugin which Facebook believes will help drive even more traffic to your site, if you are able to implement it on your website.  Frictionless Sharing requires a developers knowledge of how to set up the plugin, and some additional configuring to get it incorporated on your website.  Once that is done, it then requires a visitor to your website to choose to want to have the content you select, automatically update their own profile and wall as well as the Facebook News Feed, every time they visit your website.  Also, the user needs to have the privacy settings set up to be able to frictionlessly share your content on the wall.  This to me, seems a lot more difficult than someone periodically clicking “Like” when they like something.  Also, I don’t see too many people liking the idea of choosing to allow a company to automatically update their Facebook profile every time they interact with the site.


Pages Comments:

Now any Facebook member can now comment on a Business Page, whether they “Like” the Page or not. This change is a significant departure from the “Like to Comment” rule that Facebook had employed until now.  This change is intended to open conversation on branded Pages to many more users.  This may have the impact of drawing more potential customers or it could draw more detractors, leaches, etc.. causing a moderation nightmare on account of anyone now being able to comment on your Page whenever they want.


Friend Activity Tab:

By the end of September, users should see a Friend Activity tab on the Pages they Like that shows those going to your Page the Likes and Comments on posts as well as any mention of the Page by friends.  This should help better create “buzz” for businesses that have a wider appeal like music, movies, media, etc… but for those businesses that may have only a customer pool of a few thousand, the odds of your likes and comments becoming more of a buzz that the new summer blockbuster, are probably not that high.


From 420 to 5,000:

Facebook is increasing the status update character limit to 5,000 from 420.  This appears to be a direct response to how Google+ has allowed for their content to be shared.  This is a good thing for business because that can sum up a new product, service, or solution, in one paragraph and would like to share these items to those who frequent Facebook over their own website.


How do you think the new changes will affect your business presence on Facebook?  Do you think it is a positive or negative change?

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