Integrated Marketing Solutions for Business – Part 3 – Keyword Research

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Integrated Marketing Solutions for Business – Part 3 – Keyword Research

Keyword Research as Part of Integrated Marketing

In our previous two post about Integrated Marketing Solutions for Business, we reviewed the importance of proper Website Design and the different types of associated search engine strategies, SEO or SEM.   Included in both of these is determining what keywords a business needs to focus on and how to determine what these keywords are.  Fortunately, there are resources available to accomplish such a determination.


Why is Keyword Research Necessary?

For many business owners or marketers, keywords seem to be somewhat of a non issue.  After all, they know their business.  They know the products or services they offer, so why should they need to do research to figure out “keywords.”  They already know what the keywords are, right?  Not necessarily.  Many times the keywords business owners or marketers “know” are industry terms that many of their current or prospect customers have no knowledge of.

An example of this is in communities that are built specifically for retirees.  There are many terms associated with these types of communities and the industry typically labels them as Active Adult or 55+ communities.  Both of which do generate some significant search traffic.  But by and large a more significant search is done for Retirement Communities.  And it is searched on a scale of over 10 to 1.  That is a big difference.  So, by focusing on the keyword active adult, a business would only be getting a smaller amount of prospective clients, where as if the focused on retirement community, they would have a much larger base of prospective clients to pull from.


How to do Keyword Research?

Truth be told, professional marketers have lots of tools available for them to utilize for effective keyword research.  Many of these tools come at a price.  There is one tool that is free, readily available, and pretty reliable when it comes to keyword research and many professional marketers still utilize for keyword research.  This tool is the Google Adwords Tool.  The nice thing about this tool is that with over 70% of the search volume being done through Google, the estimated search traffic and competition levels for keywords is very reliable.  Additionally, Google provides the search volume locally, the competition level for keywords, and the estimated average Cost Per Click for those looking to implement a Search Engine Marketing strategy as part of the Integrated Marketing Campaign.  There are many additional features that can help with determining what keywords to focus on.


Implementing the Results of Keyword Research.

Once we have determined the keywords to focus on for a SEO/SEM, we can implement these terms into the content for the website, individual pages, and remember to use these keywords throughout the Integrated Marketing Campaign.  Remember, these are those terms that our customers and prospective customers use, that correlate to the services and or products that our business provides.  Integrated these keywords not only on the design of the website and the implementation of the SEO/SEM marketing strategy, but throughout the entire Integrated Marketing Campaign, will help a business reach those customers that are looking for the products and/or services they provide.


Are you using Google Adwords as part of your Integrated Online Marketing Strategy?  Have any questions about Keyword Research?

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