Integrated Marketing Solutions for Business – Part 2

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Integrated Marketing Solutions for Business – Part 2

Should Integrated Marketing Solutions include SEO?

Surprisingly this is a question asked frequently and many of those in Integrated Marketing Solutions industry differ on this opinion, but for me, Integrated Marketing Solutions do in fact include SEO.  Maybe not in the traditional sense of what many think SEO entails, but with the increase in competition for relevant search results among search engine providers, and the ever-increasing competition for space in search engine results, any online marketing campaign, including an integrated marketing solutions campaign, must include if not account for, some type of SEO.

Traditional SEO includes placing targeted keywords throughout a webpage or website, in strategic numbers and locations, acquiring relevant links, and the creation of relevant content (images, videos, link bait, etc..) throughout a website so that when prospective clients search for those specific keywords, the website comes up in the top-level of search results.  There is of course a lot more to this and SEO is a very competitive filed to get involved in, especially for highly competitive keywords.  However, location metrics and  social media are providing options for websites to become relevant in search results.

Because of this, including a well designed, search engine optimized website site, I believe, is an essential part of all integrated marketing solutions.  It allows for greater leverage of the integrated marketing campaign across the online market.  When the website is properly designed, then the additional exposure and marketing in social media, email, mobile, etc.. is much more relevant and provides for a higher saturation rate when your website is visited by possible customers.  Additionally, it provides more possibilities for your products and or services to be found by potential clients.


Should Integrated Marketing Solutions include SEM?

SEM is a little bit different.  SEM is Search Engine Marketing, also known and Pay Per Click (PPC).  This entails purchasing advertising space on search engines and other website by paying a premium for every click that your advertisement gets on those websites.  SEM/PPC is also a competitive market and is considerably more costly than traditional SEO.  However, it is usually not as competitive as SEO and can start providing traffic to your website immediately.

The real consideration for whether or not to institute a SEM/PPC campaign as part of an Integrated Marketing Solution is not whether or not it fits into an Integrated Marketing Solution, it certainly can.  The decision needs to be more focused on whether the cost of instituting a SEM/PPC campaign is less than the potential profits one can get from the campaign.  For many, this is not the case.  For some, it is a potential goldmine.  Ease of entry and speed of increased traffic to the website make it a no brainer for some businesses to institute.

The most important thing to consider after deciding to implement a SEM/PPC campaign is that the campaign can not be static.  It needs to be constantly monitored and tweaked to ensure that the advertising message matched the keyword searches and is relevant enough to drive clicks and ultimately traffic to the website.  With this being the case, SEM can be very much a part of Integrated Marketing Solutions.  In so much that it must be constantly monitored and tweaked to provide any sense of a significant return.


SEO and SEM as part of Integrated Marketing Solutions.

So SEO should be a part of Integrated Marketing Solutions and SEM could be.  Both need to be constantly monitored and tweaked for desired effect.  And when designed and implemented successfully, provide a significant return to websites.  When choosing and integrated marketing solutions provider or any online marketing company, find out what they think or SEO and SEM, what their experience in working in both fields, and how they think they should be a part of an online marketing strategy.  There is no one solution for an effective online marketing strategy.  Only implementing one part of an online marketing strategy and not considering the rest, is like leaving money on the table.  SEO, SEM, Email, Social Media, Mobile, and so much more should all be on the table when considering an online marketing strategy and are certainly a part of an Integrated Marketing Solution.

Do you think SEO and SEM are a part of Integrated Marketing Solutions?


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