How to Search Socialcam?

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How to Search Socialcam?

How to Search Socialcam?

I recently posted my opinions on Socialcam and why you should not view it, and received quite a bit of traffic.  Even with the title of the article and the content talking about why not to view, I still received quite a bit of inquiries about how to search socialcam.  It seems that people are leery of having socialcam posting to their wall, but are still interested in seeing the videos that are popping up on their news feed.  The answer is very simple or very complicated depending on your knowledge of what exactly socialcam is doing, so let’s examine what they are doing so we can get an easy answer to the question.


Socialcam – A User Generated Content Sharing App?

As you may or may not know, Socialcam is one of the many individuals vying for the coveted spot of being the video version of Instagram.  In other words, a easy and convenient way to socially share your videos to Facebook, Twitter, Etc… by using the app on your phone.  The idea being that you would record a video with your phone, then use the Socialcam app  to share it with all of your friends.  Sounds simple right?  But here is where the sneaky part comes in.  If you have been on Facebook over the past couple of weeks, you have probably noticed those posts on your news feed where one of your friends just viewed a video on Socialcam.  Here is an example that I pulled from my news feed today;


Video Recorded with Socialcam??

Notice that part below the video title?  Where is says this video was recorded with Socialcam on April 27, 2012.  Remember that sentence.  Let’s say I wanted to watch this video, but I don’t want Socialcam to start spamming my wall with the videos.  I want to “search” socialcam to find this video.  I couldn’t find anyway to search socialcam, so I went ahead and searched google videos.  Low and behold, what did I find:

Socialcam Search

The Answer is YouTube

So, the simple answer to all of those looking on how to search Socialcam is to search YouTube, since this is where the videos are originating from.  I’m sure this is where you remember the sentence from earlier in this post and start asking, “Isn’t Socialcam and app that allows you to share your videos with your friends on Facebook and Twitter, like Instagram?”  Yes it is.  Then you might ask, “How come the videos are from YouTube, and from several years ago,  and not ones someone filmed on their phone and then shared on the date is say it was recorded by Socialcam?”  Because for Socialcam to get noticed they need content.  Sort of a chicken and the egg scenario.  The devious part is what they are saying in that sentence that we remember from earlier, Video recorded with Socialcam on April 27, 2012.

Did a little Digging

To get a better understanding of what is happening and why, I did a little digging online and found a couple of articles that do a good job of showing what is happening here.  A really good article is from Drew Olanoff of The Next Web, titled Socialcam is Pumping Popular Youtube videos into its app to drive usage.  To sum up, Socialcam needs content to drive people to view the app from Facebook and Twitter, that is why they are using old YouTube videos and spamming users walls showing what videos they have used.  To view these videos, people must click on the app and give it permission to post to their wall, thereby creating more interest for more to view the videos and post to their respective wall.  This helps to give the appearance of the app attaining a viral status by its content.  While this is occurring, Socialcam recently used a marketing service FreeAppADay to help drive its downloads in Apple’s App store.  Typically, this is done by paid apps that offer a free trial or promotion so to entice you to pay for the app at a later date.  Socialcam is free, so why pay to promote a free app?


In My Humble Opinion

With the paid promotion on the Apple App store and the “spammy” nature of posting video views to unsuspecting viewers Facebook walls, Socialcam is attaining viral status.  But why are they doing this.  Recall during the first part of this post.  Socialcam is one of many vying for the coveted spot of being the video version of Instagram.   In my humble opinion, they are trying to be in this spot because of the huge payday that could be waiting for them there.  Remember, Facebook paid boo-koo dollars for Instagram and I think Socialcam is hoping for a similar win-fall.


How to Search Socialcam? YouTube

In any event, all of this goes more to my previous post of why you should not view Socialcam.  One, because they are trying to “artificially” boost their usage numbers.  Two, and the simple answer to the question posed at the beginning of this article, just search YouTube if you are looking for How to Search Socialcam.

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