Google+ can still be Business Friendly

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Google+ can still be Business Friendly

In case you aren’t aware, Google+ has exploded in popularity since its release earlier this month.  Projections have the total number of users somewhere around the 20 million mark.  Even with this explosion of growth, there has been one area where Google has limited the use of its new Social Media network, businesses.  Google has stressed that no companies are to use Google+ just yet, as they plan to roll out more business specific functionality specifically for business use.  They even recently deleted all non-public profiles a couple of weeks ago, stressing that only “real”names are to be used on Google+ and no companies are to have profiles, yet.


Around the Naming No-No

So, until Google allows for business profiles, Google has allowed a way for those with a business to work around the “naming no-no,” without breaking the rules.

  1. Go to Edit Profile
  2. Bottom of page, go to Other Names
  3. Enter your pen name, Business Name, what ever you like
  4. Make sure Anyone on the Web is selected, so your name(s) can be searchable.
  5. In the Find People field, search for your new name and see the results.


Custom Introduction

Another option for business owners is your Introduction.  The introduction portion of your Google+ profile allows you to not only input your information, but it also allows for you to insert links into any text that you type.  In other words, you can type in the name of your company, and then insert a link to your website.  Again, this introduction portion is searchable on Google+ as well.


Don’t Forget the Links

Listing your Employment is an obvious one.  This will show up to those who look at your profile.  But don’t forget the links portion of your Google Profile.  Here you can put links to your personal and/or professional social media sites in addition to adding custom links.  A suggestion would be to add a custom link to your business website with the text of your choosing.


See My Example

Even though the business specific functions haven’t been rolled out just yet, it doesn’t mean Google+ isn’t business friendly.  For some examples, click the button below to visit my personal Google+ Profile.


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