Google+ Lets You Choose Sharing and Comment Possibilities

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Google+ has taken great care to differentiate itself from other Social Media site, most specifically Facebook.  Yesterday they implemented another functionality to Google+ that widens the gap between the two.  This new option allows for a user to disable comments to their post and/or lock the post so that it can’t be shared, both before the user ever posts to their stream.   One of the engineers on the Google+ team, Ebby Amirebrahimi, posted a video that was embedded in a post, about the ability to now lock a post and turn off comments before publishing.

So it seems that Google+ is doing more and more to “stand out in the crowd.”   And since they have opened it up to anyone, their user numbers have increased to over 50 million with no signs of slowing down.

So what do you think about the functionality of sharing with who want, how you want, and preventing others from sharing what you share?  Do you think this is better than the share everything position of facebook?  Can you see ways to use custom sharing for your business?

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