Do’s and Don’ts of Integrated Marketing

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Do’s and Don’ts of Integrated Marketing

Don’t be the Corner Newsboy

As an Integrated Marketing CEO, I see lots of good, and bad, examples of Social Media Marketing.  One of the worst, by far, is what I call the Corner Newsboy.  This is where someones entire social media campaign is composed of repeatedly saying only what they are selling or offering.  I’m not saying its a bad thing to talk about what you sell or offer, but if it’s the thing you talk about most, then you are just trying to sell like a newsboy on the corner shouting, “Extra, Extra, Read all about it!”  The difference being, the headline never changes and who wants to hear the same message over and over.

Do Share Content and Value

Integrated Marketing content and value drive sharing; buttons do not. Including a Facebook “Like” button on your website doesn’t mean you will soon have a viral marketing success.  Having a Google +1 button on your post does not mean that your SEO Campaign is going to get you on the first page of search results.  Nor will your e-mail newsletters automatically become social if you add a Twitter “Tweet Me” button to the e-mail.  Yes, that may buy you some time from the client or company executive who now realizes that his/her company needs to have a social marketing strategy, but you need to have more.

Web 2.0 sharing is powerful.  It can dramatically grow your message reach, number of followers,  and facilitate better customer engagement, but if you pages, posts, tweets, emails, etc… have no value, why would anyone share it.  Remember to give a reason for why someone should share the message, engage in the conversation, or become a fan of your brand.

Don’t be a One Tune Marketer

Another really bad example of Integrated Marketing that I see often is the cut-and-paste social marketer. This occurs when Social Media “gurus” have convinced their company or client that they have mastered social marketing because they update all social media in one click.  This is not a bad thing necessarily, but it can be very easily if not utilized properly.

There are several solutions available that allow any one to update their status, post, and/or tweet with a single click.  This can be a very powerful tool, as long as it’s not the only way one updates their status, posts, and/or tweets.  Doing this habitually is akin to the Corner Newsboy scenario.  Your fans and followers are all getting the same message with no customization or specialization for their uniqueness.

Remember, they are following you, because that is how they like to receive information.  They are your fan, because that is how they like to receive information.  They follow your RSS feed, because that is how the like to receive information.  They subscribe to your newsletter, because that is how they like to receive information.  So, make sure that the way to transmit your information coincides with the vehicle in which it is delivered.  No one if going to try to win a stock car race with a 10 speed bicycle, so don’t post on Facebook with only 140 characters and no image!

Do Open a New Door if Another One Closes

If one of your email newsletter subscribers decides to unsubscribe, contact them.  First, apologize that your newsletter is not providing the information in the format that they need.  Ask them if there is something you can do or include in your newsletters that would make it more beneficial for their time.  Finally, offer other alternatives for them to continue to be informed about what it is that provide.  Let them know about all the other ways that you share information and engage with your customers like Facebook, Twitter, your blog, etc… Some people may just be tired of trolling through the process of opening and deleting emails, but may be very open to the idea of engaging with you on their own terms.  This is the power of Social Media.

What are your Thoughts?

These are just some of the Do’s and Don’ts of Integrated Marketing.  For those with more ideas of what to, or not to do, with Integrated Marketing, please add your comments below.

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