5 Strategies for Increasing your Google Plus Followers

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5 Strategies for Increasing your Google Plus Followers

Just over a month since Google+ was launched and its growth has been nothing less than amazing.  Google+ already has over 25 Million users, and it still in the testing phase.  Not to mention, Google+ still hasn’t added the capability for business to join.  Once that happens, you can imagine that these number will increase even faster.  Google+ is essentially part Facebook and part Twitter, only with advanced features that allow for easier multimedia integration (video, pictures, etc..).  Still in the beta stage, many are struggling with how to get a good amount of Followers.  Therefore the creation of this post; 5 strategies for increasing Google+ followers.

People Suggested
A good and easy way to increase your followers is to use the functionality already in place in Google+.  Look to the circles tab to get a list of suggestions of people for you to follow.  This list matches those that you may know based on your Google profile and/or those that have similar interest as you.  Adding these followers to your circles increases the likelihood that they will follow you.

Content, Content, Content
 If you want people to follow you, you need to provide content that they will want to follow.  Google+ is a little different from Facebook in the fact that you have the capability to categorize those you follow.  As such, talking about your hobby may not be too interesting to your family and friends, but will be very interesting for those that are in your hobby circle.  Post content about that hobby only to those in your hobby circle.  Likewise, if you are posting a picture of your kids, post it to your family and friends, not to all of your business associates.  This flexibility in what you can post and to whom you can post it too provides you with a lot of options.  Be sure to capitalize on this flexibility be continually posting content that your followers will find interesting and more importantly want to comment on or share.

Invite Your Friends And Other People To Google+
Especially if they already have a Gmail account or Google profile.  Providing an invitation is a great way to get a follower.  Just from the simple fact that they will be appreciative of getting the invitation or even more so, those receiving the invite will want to learn from you, what Google+ is and how it works.  This also provides you a great opportunity to become a pseudo mentor so remember the previous paragraph, content, content, content.

Follow Your Followers
Reciprocation is very popular in social media.  Those that you follow are likely to follow you back.  Likewise, if you don’t follow those that follow you, you increase the likelihood that they won’t follow you.  Of course that isn’t always the case if you have some level of celebrity, but odds are you are like the rest of the 98% of the Google+ individuals that haven’t been on a red carpet at a movie premier.

Add Google+ Profile Widget to Your Website Or Blog
Placing a Google+ widget on your website or Blog will help you to get followers from your website visitors.  This is especially the case when you website or Blog has a good amount of traffic as this high level of visitors will most likely help you get a good number of followers.


These 5 tips should help you increase your Google+ followers.  What other things have you done to increase your followers?  Also, if you found this post useful and/or interesting, could you do us a solid and share with your friends or give us +1.

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