Empirical Integrated Marketing Agency

Depending on your point of view, our business strength’s are either a direct reflection of our name, or our name is a direct reflection of the company processes.  Empirical Integrated Marketing essentially is a cross platform, online marketing solution that is implemented based on an empirical foundation.  (I know, crystal clear right!)  Read below to get a better understanding of just that this definition implies.  You can always visit our Integrated Marketing Services page to see what we do.


OK, let’s break it down. 

First Integrated Marketing – What is that?  The Wikipedia version is as follows;  a process for managing customer relationships that drive brand value primarily through communication efforts.  Such efforts often include cross-functional processes that create and nourish profitable relationships with customers and other stakeholders by strategically controlling or influencing all messages sent to these groups and encouraging data-driven, purposeful dialog with them. This includes the coordination and integration of all marketing communication tools, avenues, and sources within a company into a seamless program in order to maximize the impact on end users at a minimal cost.  This affects all firm’s business-to-business, marketing channel, customer-focused, and internally directed communications.


OK, what’s that in English!

In other words, an Integrated Marketing Agency designs, implements, and manages your business’ brand in every electronic touch point that your company has with partners, vendors, suppliers, and customers including those touch points where they are talking about your brand without your presence.  Examples include your website, Google, Twitter, Facebook, the Blog-o-sphere, Yelp, Foursquare, your Mobile Website, Newsletters, Industry Forums, email, and the list goes on and on from there.  So basically, we help business by planning the design, implementation, and management of their online presence.  This plan includes proper website design, effective SEO Strategy, Search Engine Marketing practices, key Social Media Marketing Initiatives, appropriate Social Media Management, and the ever-increasing Mobile Marketing Spectrum from cell phone to tablet.  Simple, right!


Now for the other part of our name, Empirical

An Integrated Marketing Solution encompasses so many things, so how can we design, maintain, and manage all of that properly.  Well, we’ll tell you.  All of our solutions are empirically based.  (I know crystal clear again, right!)  Empirical in this instance is used as an adjective and the definition of empirical is “derived from or guided by experiment or experience rather than theory.”  In other words, all of our marketing plans are based on practical experience, not guesses as what to do.  It’s relatively easy to have a presence online.  Millions post to Facebook every day.   But setting up and posting to a Facebook account and properly managing an Online Marketing Campaign, are two entirely different things.


In summary

We help business by designing, implementing, and managing their online presence across the entire spectrum of online touch-points where those affected by the business might be, based on practical experience rather than theory.   Contact us if you have any questions, learn more about the integrated marketing services we provide, feel free to visit our blog, or request a free market analysis to help create your Integrated Marketing Plan.